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How Listening Helps

Today a person approached me with an issue in his computer.  His laptop’s touchpad was not working. He told that the had accidentally disabled it somewhere and was unable to enable it. I did not ask him further for anything more. Being a good solver of problems, I set out armed with my considerable knowledge on computers. I reinstalled the touchpad in his computer and it worked. However, when the computer was restarted once, the old problem returned again. This left me scratching my head. Now I asked him whether there was any way to enable/disable the computer’s touchpad. He said he did not know. I looked through the function keys of the keyboard and all of a sudden he said that the option to disable the touchpad came when he was trying to increase the volume of the computer. I looked at the volume increase button in the keyboard. Nearby was a function key combined with the touchpad symbol. I pressed that key and the option came up to disable the touchpad. I enabled the touchpad, thereby solving the problem permanently.

From this I learned that listening to others helps. Here, had I asked him more questions instead of plowing into solving the problem, I would have known exactly when the problem had occurred and solved the problem more quickly.