What you don’t want

To find what you want in life seems like tough job to me. Especially when parents make most of the decisions and leave very little for you do decide. While parents decide the best for their wards and thereby put them into a fail safe path for a settled life, I feel that it can become boring after sometime. What true happiness is there in fulfilling the dreams of your parents and forgeting your own dreams? Will you make your kids to live the unfulfilled dreams of yours?

There are cases where however, when trying to fulfil the dreams of your parents can break you. When you do something which you don’t like at all, your mind automatically shuts down and does not operate at full potential. You will have to drag it along to make it work. You may not suceed in the case. You may not know what is need in life, but there are things which you don’t want.

My experience with this situation was at XII standard. I didn’t know anything about the future and I was just living the moment and studying the subject which I liked the most – mathemetics. Followed by physics and chemistry. However, my mother often forced me to study biology to become a doctor. I wasn’t very interested in biology and certainly trying to live my mothers dream was taking a huge toll at that time. So after somtime, I silently gave up studying biology seriously and put all my effort into styding mathemetics, physics and chemistry – for I was quite a above average performaer and the public examination and entrance examination demanded exceptional performance in order to get into a good college. My secret plan paid off – the maths entrance examination was the toughest paper every seen and my performance was excellent. The final ranking for engineering admissions was something I never dreamed of before and I got the 2nd best collge in Tamil Nadu.

This post is dedicated to my fellow comrade.

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  1. Posted by jacob on April 2, 2012 at 2:39 am

    u have written about the struggle of thousands of nameless souls….


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