The Cuboid of God

I often encounter theists who argue over which God is true and supreme. Each have an almost convicing set of arguments which includes quoting from their scriptures and along with reasoning to convince someone about their faith.
Lets look at how God is viewed. Christians, Jews and Muslims view God as a super natural force who created every the universe and the living things in them. The Hindus view God as one true God worshiped in different religions under different names. Needless to say we can see the conflict amongst diffeent religions. Each holding their own God as true and other Gods as false.
Let me explain how I view God. Please look at the cuboid below. Imagine it being hung in a space.




If you see it from the front side, you’ll see a rectangle. If you see it from the smaller side, you’ll see it as a square. If you see it slightly tilted, you’ll partially see two or more sides.

My view of different religions is similar: each having a small understanding of God and no one has a complete understanding. However, some might argue their holy scriptures tell them to not worship other Gods. Its simple enough to think how that came: If you are a holy prophet who wrote a holy scriputre, you would only belive in what you saw and not what others saw  isn’t it? That will make you write explicitly not to follow others.

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  1. Posted by jacob on March 29, 2012 at 3:25 am

    nicely written


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