Computers and Humans

I intend to express what computers means for humans

To me computers are devices that are meant ot assist humans in their work. They can do few things which humans can do, but much faster and more efficient than humans can do. For example, your computer can do tens of millions of calculations per seconds, while an average person can only do one addion in few seconds. Cell phones can carry our voices to someone very far off. If we were to do that we’d have to travel upto the place where the person is and then talk with them.

But there is are also things that computers can’t do. For example, omputers can’t feel anything. They don’t have hapiness, joy or sorrow. Also they can’t help is effectively in communicating the same over Internet. If we are make the person at the other end really know how we feel, we must meet them face to face. Also, computers can’t invent or think in new dimensions like us. A pentium 3 processor did not invent pentium 4, it was due to humans entirely.

I feel we must use computers to assist us in whatever we do and not entirely depand on it. We have more abilities than computers overall.

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